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According to the Cámara de Comercio de Santiago (Santiago Chamber of Commerce or CCS in Spanish), the e-commerce market in Chile grew by 55% in 2020. In terms of e-commerce growth, it was second in LatAm after Argentina (79% growth) and ahead of Brazil (35% growth). Another report from the CCS stated that retail e-commerce in Chile reached US$9.42 billion in 2020, and the projection for the end of 2021 US$11.5 billion.

Retail and supermarket stores like Falabella, Ripley, Paris, Jumbo, Lider, along with the marketplaces such as Linio, Mercado Libre and Yapo are Chile’s top eCommerce sites. For food deliveries and purchases, Cornershop, Rappi, Uber Eats, and PedidosYa are the most used platforms. See the Graph of top e-commerce stores in Chile.

Increasingly the online marketplaces are actively looking for international brands and suppliers to increase their market share. Some UK companies are already selling through these platforms. They provide a simple and risk-free option for companies wanting to test their products in a new market, and the online companies are making it easier and easier for the transactions and logistics to be managed.



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