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The visa requirements for foreign citizens visiting Chile depend on nationality, as well as the purpose of their stay and the intended duration.

UK citizens entering Chile must have a valid passport in good condition, valid for the period of their stay. Citizens travelling to Chile for recreation, tourism, and business or academic conferences do not need to obtain a visa prior to their arrival in Chile. Chilean immigration will issue a Tourist Card or printed receipt valid for a stay of up to 90 days on arrival.

UK citizens who intend to work, live, or study in Chile long-term must apply in advance for a Chilean visa. Applying for one of these visas if you have already arrived in Chile can be much more difficult and take longer.

The two types of visa normally applicable to foreign citizens who wish to work in Chile are:

1. Visa subject to contract – requires the applicant to have a pre signed contract with a company registered in Chile. This visa is normally issued for two years and can be renewed for a further two years. After that the worker needs to apply for a permanent residence visa, which allows for them to continue to work in Chile. This visa allows the applicant’s family to enter and live in Chile for the duration of the visa. The process normally takes between three and four weeks and should be sent at a minimum of one month before the expected arrival.

2. Temporary residence visa – covers many reasons for applicants to enter and live in Chile. It includes for professionals and other workers working for an overseas company to enter and stay in Chile for up to one year, renewable once for a second year.

For more detailed information relating to visas and working in Chile please visit At the time of writing this article in March 2022, the Chilean visa service is migrating all its operations to this online platform, so please check carefully for the latest information.




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