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Clean Growth

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Chile’s clean growth agenda has broadened and become more ambitious under successive governments since the beginning of President Michele Bachelet’s second term in office in 2014, and has now further intensified due to the recovery needed after the Covid-19 pandemic.

Driven by both economic and climate imperatives, it now has a cohesive strategy to reduce reliance on imported fossil fuels, harness its almost limitless amounts of solar and wind energy, and incorporate global know-how to reduce consumption and pollution to create a cleaner and low carbon environment.

This report will cover the following components of the green growth agenda:

● Power Generation – the electricity business
● Consumption – transportation, construction, and mining
● Materials and waste management.

Below is a summary of the goals that have been assigned by the Sectoral Ministries, taken from a report produced for the British Embassy in Santiago in February 2021:

Sector Main Targets
70% of electricity from renewable sources by 2030 and 95% by 2050
Retirement of all coal-fired power stations by 2040
10% reduction in nationwide energy intensity by 2030
Mandatory energy management systems for large energy consumers,
within the framework of the Energy Efficiency Law
5 GW of green hydrogen electrolysis capacity by 2025 and 25 GW by 2030
The cheapest green hydrogen in the world by 2030
Chile among the 3 biggest exporters of green H2 by 2040
100% electric public transport by 2040
40% electric private vehicles by 2050
Promotion and strengthening of non-motorised modes of transport
15% of freight transport via electric railway
Energy efficiency standards for new vehicles
Use of hydrogen-fuelled trucks in the mining industry by 2028
Energy certification of new housing
Materials and Waste Management
30% of household organic waste recovered by 2030
Maximum 10% of household waste sent to landfills by 2040
30% co-processing of waste by 2030 (base level of 12% in 2014)
Targets for recovery and reclamation of materials (tyres, containers and packaging) starting in 2024 and by 2030.





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