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The Chilean business day usually begins at 9 am and ends between 6 pm and 7 pm. Lunch breaks do not usually begin before 1 pm. If there is business to be conducted, two or even three-hour lunches are not uncommon. Although social occasions do not always begin at the indicated time, business meetings usually do.

It is recommended to always accept invitations to lunch or for coffee. It is often in these settings that the real conversations and decisions take place.

Many Chilean businesspeople are well-educated professionals who travel internationally. However, not all speak English and foreigners will often find the ability to speak Spanish very useful, if not an absolute must. Product marketing or company promotional literature should be in Spanish.

Appearance is an important part of Chilean business. Dress codes are generally formal and conservative – suit and tie for men and discreet dress or business suit (skirt or trousers) for women.

It is useful to have business cards printed with English on one side and Spanish on the other. Generally, business cards are exchanged at the beginning of any meeting, although it is becoming more common to use a digital exchange of information.



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